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We Ate the Dark by Mallory Pearson (PDF/EPUB)

We Ate the Dark by Mallory Pearson – PDF & ePUB Download

Download We Ate the Dark by Mallory Pearson in PDF and ePUB freeSofia’s demise shifts from speculation to undeniable certainty upon the discovery of her remains within the hollowed-out tree, intertwined with an old, abandoned house. The enigma surrounding her vanishing resurfaces for friends Frankie (Sofia’s sister), Poppy, and Cass, prompting them to swiftly direct their cars back to the North Carolina mountains where their shared past unfolds.

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United, they unravel the mystery of Sofia’s murder, vowing to seek justice for her untimely death. However, it proves challenging as Sofia’s uncooperative boyfriend and the local sheriff obstruct their pursuit, unveiling unforeseen complexities linked to Sofia’s life. Additionally, an ominous presence shadows them, a relentless force threatening to consume everything in its path.

We Ate the Dark by Mallory Pearson Thumbs up, thumbs up, thumbs up! The narrative exudes a visceral and atmospheric quality, allowing readers to sense the sun on their faces, experience the stickiness of sweat, feel the chill of a gentle breeze, and even catch the scent of honeysuckle. As a native of North Carolina, intimately familiar with Appalachia, I’ve encountered portrayals of my homeland that misconstrue it with stereotypes of poverty and Piggly Wiggly. However, Mallory authentically captures the essence of the South, showcasing a genuine understanding of the region. I admire writers who can accurately convey the feel of my home.

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A SUBSTANTIAL portion of the narrative delves into the realm of queer love, exploring the ambiguous spaces between friendship and intimacy bordering on romantic love. The book features scenes so tender, soft, and sapphic that they evoke a desire for self-embrace.

Unquestionably, a significant portion of the narrative revolves around themes of grief, fear, and the intricacies of friendships evolving into familial bonds. The narrative portrays the profound emotions tied to losing someone, whether through death or distance, offering a poignant reflection on the harsh realities of the world. It prompts contemplation about the histories we construct with individuals and the inevitable creation of new narratives with others.

We Ate the Dark by Mallory Pearson is a must-read Horror and Mystery Book. The ebook is available to download in PDF and ePUB format for free.

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