Soren by Miranda Page PDF and ePUB Free Download

Soren by Miranda Page

Soren by Miranda Page – PDF & ePUB Download

Soren by Miranda Page PDF and ePUB Free DownloadSoren

Monsters are nasty, but humans are worse.
I’ve spent the last few years wandering what is left of the United States with a monster at my side.
Roman’s ginormous. Cat-like, covered head to toe in black scales, and definitely not from this world.
I just didn’t think the small, kind of cute, monster house cat that I rescued would grow to be the size of a horse.
But I couldn’t have asked for a better traveling companion.

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She keeps me safe against the other monsters, and most humans are too scared of her to get near us.
Too bad they will never know the worst thing she would do to them is lick them to death.
Now, if we could just find a home away from the monsters that want to eat me
and the humans who want to kill her.


Humans took everything from me. My mate. My child. My home. When human technology tore holes in our reality, it killed our world and devastated the human population on their side. Now, we need a new home, and the only one available is the one that took everything with its greed. But to survive, we must find a way to work with humans even if they want to kill us. But I never thought I would meet him out here in the wilds—the human who would bring me peace.

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Soren by Miranda Page is a must-read Romance and  Paranormal book. The ebook is available to download in PDF and ePUB format for free.

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