Royals by Tegan Bennett Daylight PDF and ePUB free download

Royals by Tegan Bennett Daylight

Royals by Tegan Bennett Daylight – PDF & ePUB Download

Royals by Tegan Bennett Daylight PDF and ePUB free downloadOverview: Six teenagers. An empty shopping centre. No Wi-Fi. And… a baby? Acclaimed author Tegan Bennett Daylight’s first novel for young adults reconceives Lord of the Flies for Gen Z.

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A group of teenagers alone in an empty shopping center, with everything they could possibly want… and a baby?

With no phones, no internet, and no way out, Shannon and five other trapped teens are completely disconnected from the outside world… and their online lives. It’s hard to say whether they’ll be driven to delinquency, or – even worse – forced to make friends irl. Will the limitless bubble tea, Maccas, and new sneakers be enough to keep the six teens satisfied until they can find a way out, or is this the start of something much more sinister?

In Royals, her new novel for young people, acclaimed author Tegan Bennett Daylight upends Lord of the Flies to find out what really happens when there are no adults in the room.

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Royals by Tegan Bennett Daylight is a must-read LGBT and Mystery book. The ebook is available to download in PDF and ePUB format for free.

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