Revolution by Spencer Reaves McCoy

Revolution by Spencer Reaves McCoy

Revolution by Spencer Reaves McCoy

Revolution by Spencer Reaves McCoyRevolution by Spencer Reaves McCoy is a must-read Fiction book. The ebook is available to download in PDF and ePUB format for free.

In this second installment in the epic fantasy series Cartharia, Spencer Reaves McCoy takes us through the remnants of a once peaceful land that has fallen under the reign of an all-powerful king. Revolution continues the tale of the Warriors of Valishna, both new and old friends and foe alike.

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The young prince of Arinford, William Parnell IV, has the same dream every night: a violent storm that sweeps through the lands, leaving chaos in it’s wake. Locked away in the castle of the Black King Richard Sullivan, he must figure out a way to get home — if he wishes to save Cartharia.

The Black King’s daughter, Catherine, begins her quest for power and domination alone, forming secret alliances and courting powerful nobles. One of the last Warriors of Valishna, Penelope Belmonte remains the lone priest in a city overwhelmed with soldiers. She must convince the people of Valishna to band together and rise up against the Lamonte forces that occupy their city, shops, and homes.

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