Moonlit Hideaway by Rachelle Ayala

Moonlit Hideaway by Rachelle Ayala

Moonlit Hideaway by Rachelle Ayala

Moonlit Hideaway by Rachelle AyalaMoonlit Hideaway by Rachelle Ayala is a must-read Romance book. The ebook is available to download in PDF and ePUB format for free.

Pop star sensation, Sierra Rayne had it all—fame, fortune, and millions of adoring fans. But when she is threatened with an arranged marriage to a ruthless mob boss, she escapes incognito to a sleepy Outer Banks island and finds refuge at Moonlit Inn, a charming bed-and-breakfast run by a hunky widower, Hank Whitman, and his high-spirited sixteen-year-old daughter, Emma.

Emma is delighted that her pop star idol lives under her roof, but letting out Sierra’s secret would jeopardize her safety and that of the entire community. Meanwhile, Hank, still nursing his wounds from his loss, is unable to resist Sierra’s energy and resilience.

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Sierra falls hard and fast for Hank’s rugged charm and for the first time discovers the warmth of a loving family, sheltered in their island refuge. But when her dangerous past catches up, threatening all Hank holds dear, she must make an impossible choice: save Hank’s loved ones or sacrifice her freedom.

Will the strength of Hank’s love and the courage he finds to open his heart again be enough to shield Sierra from her past and secure their future?

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With high stakes, a simmering slow-burn romance, and a dash of glamour, this story blends cozy charm with adrenaline-fueled suspense. Romance lovers will be drawn to this tale of two lost people who—through struggles of identity, harrowing danger, and the enduring power of family—just may find within each other the safe harbor for which they’ve always longed.

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