Goblins in Georgia by Diane Jones PDF and ePUB free Download

Goblins in Georgia by Diane Jones (PDF/EPUB)

Goblins in Georgia by Diane Jones – PDF & ePUB Download

Goblins in Georgia by Diane Jones PDF and ePUB free DownloadOverview of Goblins in Georgia by Diane Jones: Meet Camille LaMontagne. Her parents have a surprise for her. A motorbike, a legacy as a voodoo priestess, and an arranged marriage. What’s a girl to do? Through the years, I’d been sheltered from the family business. While some kids were groomed nearly from birth, I had no idea what my mother actually did for a living. After all, her answer was different every time.

Goblins in Georgia by Diane Jones Summary

If she was running late, she could be teaching a craft class. I thought she meant basket weaving since we had plenty of baskets around. When she told me she was going to work early to do a reading, I thought she might be an author, since she was constantly writing in books. So naturally, when I overheard her talking about whipping a batch up, I imagined she was a baker…not that she’d made so much as a cookie around our house.

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Not once did I think my mother was a voodoo priestess. Never did I imagine that she expected me to take over her shop and replace her when she was ready to retire. So, you can imagine my surprise when I graduated with a degree in library science and she tried to present me with a husband for my graduation gift. James was from Haiti and our merger…I mean…our marriage would unite two of the most powerful voodoo families. Of course, I knew nothing about any of this…not the arranged marriage, not magic, and not our family history. I had an entirely different path planned.

For years, I’d been taking solace in books. This was how I managed to stay out of trouble. When I didn’t lose myself in a story, strange things happened. Now, I realize this was probably magic. All I knew for sure was that I wanted no part of it. That’s why I left and my mother wasn’t stopping me.

That’s all I could ask for. Even my father feared her. And yet for some reason, when I reached the driveway, he mimicked the sound of a morning dove to call me over to the garage. Inside, he had a motorcycle. This was his graduation gift to me. I wasn’t sure I could drive it, but I wanted to badly. He gave me a quick tutorial and sent me on my way. Daddy had always understood me, even when I didn’t know myself.

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I had no plans. I was going to let the road decide my destination. Soon, I ended up in Georgia. And I thought I might have reached the end of my journey too. Somehow, I blew a tire and wiped it out. I wasn’t badly injured, but if it weren’t for Serena, I would’ve been killed. I’d stumbled into a goblin trap. Yes, goblins were real. Yes, goblins were deadly. And yes, I was seething because my mother taught me nothing all these years. Serena saw straight to my soul and took pity on me.

Though not a voodoo priestess, she shared what she knew. I thought she was doing this out of the goodness of her heart. I should’ve known better. Serena needed me. The goblins were too much for her alone. She needed my help. I needed her counsel. I’d seen her chase off no fewer than three potential suitors the first day I was in town. If she’d teach me how to lose James, I’d do whatever she asked to get those goblins gone. A pact was made. Lessons were learned. I only hoped that with our combined skills love would be lost and goblins would be gone. I’d never imagined the goblins and James could be so…stubborn.

Goblins in Georgia by Diane Jones is a must-read Romance and Paranormal Book. Goblins in Georgia by Diane Jones ebook is available to download in PDF and ePUB format for free.

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