First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston PDF and ePUB free download

First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston (PDF/EPUB)

First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston – PDF & ePUB Download

First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston PDF and ePUB free downloadMy enthusiasm for a good thriller is no secret, but Ashley Elston’s transition from YA to the adult market with “First Lie Wins” has elevated my excitement to a whole new level. It’s evident that Elston knows how to captivate an audience, regardless of age!

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Evie Porter’s life takes a thrilling turn when she moves into her boyfriend Ryan’s upscale neighborhood. Everything seems perfect until an unsettling event shatters her calm exterior, making her question the authenticity of the life she’s living.

After all, how real can it be when she doesn’t truly exist? Operating under various aliases, Evie performs unique tasks for a mysterious man named Mr. Smith. Unbeknownst to her boyfriend, he becomes the new target, setting the stage for a riveting showdown with Mr. Smith.

Avoid reading the blurb—it reveals too much. The real delight lies in letting the secrets and twists unfold organically!

What truly captivated me about this book is its intelligent writing. While some scenarios may challenge the bounds of probability, embracing the ride allows you to witness Evie’s resourcefulness, intelligence, and cunning as she navigates formidable obstacles. She strikes a perfect balance between strength and vulnerability, making her a character you’ll genuinely care about. I found myself glued to the pages at every available moment.

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The story is incredibly visual, making it a cinematic experience for those who enjoy movie thrillers. My immediate thought was, “I want to see this as a movie!” Fortunately, Hulu is developing it for film, and I can easily envision it as a compelling series as well. I’ll happily take either or both!

For aficionados of cat-and-mouse games, cleverly written psychological thrillers, “First Lie Wins” is a must-read. I wholeheartedly recommend it and am thrilled to conclude 2023 with my favorite thriller of the year!

First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston is a must-read Suspense and Thriller Book. The ebook is available to download in PDF and ePUB format for free.

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