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Okay Cupid by Mason Deaver (PDF/EPUB)

Okay Cupid by Mason Deaver – PDF & ePUB Download

Okay Cupid by Mason Deaver PDF and ePUB free downloadJude and Huy, the characters in Mason Deaver’s “Okay, Cupid,” have carved a special place in my heart. This book, true to Mason’s signature style, is a delight that I couldn’t resist picking up, even without reading a blurb. As expected, “Okay, Cupid” exceeded my expectations, offering another captivating narrative.

In Mason’s literary repertoire, this book stands out as one of their lightest works. Jude and Huy, both non-binary/agender and trans-masc, respectively, radiate positivity and adorableness. Mason deliberately accentuates the affirmative aspects of being trans, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for trans and queer readers. While the story doesn’t dwell on intense struggles, it doesn’t shy away from conflicts.

Jude, yearning for human experiences, grapples with universal teenage struggles—longing for belonging, visibility, and navigating the complexities of love. Huy, despite the apparent ease in his life as a trans-masc individual, faces his own set of conflicts.

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“Okay, Cupid” unfolds as an easy and vibrant read. Before I knew it, I was already halfway through the book, with a constant smile on my face. The different ending added a sweet touch that I thoroughly enjoyed. I wholeheartedly recommend this book, especially to those who appreciate bright and comforting stories, particularly if you’re part of the trans community.

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Okay Cupid by Mason Deaver is a must-read Young Adult and LGBT Book. The ebook is available to download in PDF and ePUB format for free.

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