Download Break the Cycle by Dr Mariel Buqué in PDF and ePUB for free

Break the Cycle by Dr Mariel Buqué

Break the Cycle by Dr Mariel Buqué – PDF & ePUB Download

Download Break the Cycle by Dr Mariel Buqué in PDF and ePUB for freeDr. Mariel Buqué’s “Break The Cycle” stands as a revolutionary guide, fundamentally delving into the origins of intergenerational trauma and presenting an innovative approach to its healing. In her role as an Afro-Dominican psychologist, Dr. Buqué leverages her extensive expertise and personal encounters to deliver an innovative narrative that seamlessly blends scientific insights with practical exercises and profound anecdotes from her therapy sessions.

The book adeptly acquaints readers with the concept of intergenerational trauma, illustrating how unresolved emotional wounds traverse through generations, affecting individuals, families, and entire communities. Dr. Buqué powerfully conveys this idea by recounting her childhood experience at the age of ten, trekking miles to fetch water with her grandmother in the Dominican Republic—a poignant metaphor for the challenges our foremothers faced in meeting their basic needs and those of their families.

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The compelling aspect of “Break The Cycle” lies in Dr. Buqué’s exceptional ability to amalgamate ancient and indigenous healing practices with contemporary therapeutic methodologies. Her holistic approach, evident throughout the book, reflects her commitment to integrating practices like sound bath meditation and breathwork into therapy, ushering in a new era in trauma healing.

As a reader, Dr. Buqué’s courage in sharing her journey as a Dominican immigrant navigating inherited intergenerational trauma deeply resonated with me. Her adept storytelling weaves her experiences seamlessly with those of her clients, presenting diverse yet relatable stories that vividly illustrate the transformative power of healing while honoring ancestral practices.

Dr. Buqué challenges the Western psychological status quo by emphasizing the inadequacy of addressing intergenerational trauma—a sentiment I wholeheartedly share as a therapist of African American and Puerto Rican descent. Her empowering message encourages shedding ingrained trauma responses and adopting holistic, healthy, and far-reaching coping strategies.

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What distinguishes this book is not only its comprehensive understanding of intergenerational trauma but also its practical strategies. Dr. Buqué effectively translates her holistic approach into tangible therapeutic practices, creating a guide that enlightens and empowers readers seeking healing and transformation. Dr. Buqué emerges not just as an expert but as a compassionate teacher, guiding readers on a profound journey toward restoration.

In conclusion, “Break The Cycle” stands as an indispensable and compelling resource, not just enlightening but empowering readers to take essential steps toward healing. Dr. Buqué reminds us that we are all cycle breakers and provides a clear roadmap for sowing the seeds of intergenerational abundance. A personal highlight for me? Undoubtedly, the chapter on breaking old parenting patterns, where Dr. Buqué intricately details how to care for ourselves while navigating the uncertainties of a changing society and parenting landscape.

Break the Cycle by Dr Mariel Buqué is a must-read Self Help and Psychology book. The ebook is available to download in PDF and ePUB format for free.

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