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A Trace of Death by Blake Pierce (PDF/EPUB)

A Trace of Death by Blake Pierce – PDF & ePUB Download

A Trace of Death by Blake Pierce PDF and epub free downloadWe were drawn to A Trace of Death by Blake Pierce book because of its intriguing cover art and the impressive average rating on Goodreads. While many readers have praised it, our personal experience didn’t quite match our initial expectations.

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For a significant portion of A Trace of Death by Blake Pierce book, the pacing kept us engaged and eager to uncover more. Despite its quick movement, the story unfolds over a relatively short span of about 36 hours. The pacing was a strong point until the conclusion. The ending, unfortunately, felt rushed—a sentiment shared by Ali as well. It didn’t ruin the overall pace, but the haste in tying up loose ends left some critical aspects unexplored. The motive behind the kidnapping and the backstory of the perpetrator were neglected, missing opportunities to delve into intriguing characters.

The plot, while functional, follows a rather generic police procedural narrative. A young girl from a prominent family gets kidnapped, and the investigation unfolds with familiar tropes—an uninspired formula seen in numerous crime novels. While the plot didn’t particularly thrill us, its simplicity made it an easy read.

However, the major letdown came from the characterization, especially the main character, Keri. Unfortunately, Keri falls into the cliché detective archetype, complete with a traumatic backstory involving her own child’s abduction. Yet, beyond the typical framework, Keri stands out for all the wrong reasons. Her abrasive and violent nature, along with her tendency to break into properties without proper authorization, makes her a challenging character to empathize with. Even her partner Ray and the seemingly “bad cop” Hillman come off as predictable and fail to bring depth to the narrative.

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Notably, as a self-published work, the novel displayed noticeable grammatical and sentence errors that could have been rectified with thorough proofreading. Instances of character names being inconsistently used and repetitive phrases hindered the overall reading experience.

In conclusion, while the book was compelling enough to finish quickly due to its swift pace, several issues, particularly with characterization and execution, prevent us from continuing with the series. The protagonist, Keri, and the unfolding mystery aren’t compelling enough to sustain our interest.

A Trace of Death by Blake Pierce is a must-read Crime and Thriller Book. The ebook is available to download in PDF and ePUB format for free.

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